Ansted is a manufacturer’s distributor of European foodstuffs, established in ‘97 and built on relations and knowledge dating back to the mid-eighties. Meanwhile we have over 20 years experience in distributing products to customers worldwide. Over the years we have proved to be a reliable partner for customers and manufacturers, resulting in long-lasting relations of which many started in the eighties and nineties.
Our everyday goal is to serve our partners in the best possible manner, by providing solutions and efficiency in the supply chain.

About us

During the years we have built a stable manufacturer network, representing premium food brands and medium-sized (family) companies with complementary assortments, mainly in the bakery and confectionary industry.
We develop export business in remote or niche markets around the world. Developing new concepts, special recipes and dedicated packaging is an important part of our activities, making sure the products meet the requirements of the foreign market in all aspects.
Nowadays our customer base includes distributors, retailers and foodservice companies.
Every day we provide a complete export service and create complementary assortments for our clients in consolidated shipments.
Export of foodstuffs can be complex and requires extensive knowledge of the standards and regulations in the countries of destination. That is why we stay up to date with the latest legal requirements, to make sure the products reach the shelves without any hassle. We arrange all necessary export and customs documents in house.
All and all that’s why we can say we offer a one stop export service for our manufacturers and customers.

Products & Services

Together with our manufacturers we offer a specific range of Dutch and other West European foodstuffs, both for retail as for foodservice. 
The main product ranges we carry are:

 • Biscuits; like the famous Dutch Stroopwafels and speculaas cookies
 • Confectionery; licorice, sweets and chocolates
 • Bread and rusks
 • Baking ingredients
 • Organic and gluten free alternatives
 • Seasonal items in these segments

Our services

  We provide a range of value added services:
• Single point of contact, linking our manufacturer network and a worldwide customer base.
• Developing compliant packaging and labels and, if necessary, arranging the labelling itself.
• Developing dedicated cases, shelf-ready-packaging and displays.
• Developing special recipes to meet specific requirements or preferences.
• Developing exclusive concepts and product ranges for our distributors.
• Full documentation service: in house customs clearance, providing all necessary documents for importing.
• Assistance with freight management and providing smart logistic solutions.
• Fully certified supply chain: Ansted, our suppliers, our transporters and warehouses are all HACCP certified.
• We are BRC Agents & Brokers certified.


For the collection and distribution of our products we only work with HACCP certified companies.
Our transporters are IFS (includes HACCP) and SKAL (organic) certified and specialised in transport of food.
Warehousing takes place at highly modern food grade warehouses, meeting all food industry standards and guaranteeing quality and safety in the chain. The warehouse is also IFS (HACCP) certified as well as COKZ (dairy) and SKAL (organic) certified. Goods can be stored under controlled temperatures ranging from -25 °C to +25 °C.
The hands-on warehouse team is experienced and dedicated to ensure the goods are controlled, packed and handled in the best manner.
All products are efficiently stowed to fully utilize the capacity of the container so we can provide you with the most cost-effective way to transport your products. Trucking of containers to the port of Rotterdam or Antwerp is executed by a transporter, specialised in the transport of containers and with an inland container terminal within 300m of the warehouse. VGM weighing is done there too, providing maximum flexibility and enabling us send all information to shipping companies without delay.
All necessary customs- and shipping documents are made in house and forwarded digitally to the customs, transporters and shipping companies.

Sustainability & CSR

 Sustainability and corporate social responsibility are important issues for our company and for the partners we are working with.
 Some of the ways in which we aim to contribute :

• Since 2010 our offices are heated with a ground source heat pump combined with solar collectors. This reduces the total energy consumption drastically and     the office has been disconnected from the natural gas network ever since.
• Our transport partners are constantly investing in modern equipment such as Euro 6 trucks, LHV combitrains and Cryotech cooling units.
• Waste sorting for recycling is common practice at our offices and with our partners.
• For labeling and repacking we are working closely with sheltered workshops.
• Unsaleable leftovers are donated to nearby food banks.              
• Every year we donate for charity, selecting different funds each year.

Contact us

Are you interested in our services or do you have a question ?
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Address: Aldhof 7, 9246 TM, Olterterp, The Netherlands


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